Neyver Salas Quispe


Neyver Salas is a motivated coffee producer from Cutervo, a northern province of Peru in the department of Cajamarca. He comes from a coffee-producing family, where both his parents and grandparents produced coffee in a traditional way, selling to the local market. From a young age, Neyver got involved and learned about coffee, but eventually left to pursue his studies. When he returned to Cutervo in 2018, he purchased his own farm, El Nogal, named after a walnut tree on the property. He arrived with new ideas for improving the quality of his coffee varieties and processes. Specialty coffee was a significant motivation for him due to the recognition he could receive, his desire to make his region known, and the differentiated prices that would enable him to provide a better quality of life for his family members. Since producing high-quality coffees, he has improved his farm management and organization, with the guidance and advice of the PECA educator. Through the introduction of new varieties, such as Geisha, he has improved the quality of his product. One of his biggest challenges is to continue growing and improving his processes by applying new techniques and utilizing different coffee varieties.

His coffee processing begins with careful cherry picking, and the cherries are taken to the wet mill on the farm. There, the cherries are pulped and left to ferment without water in a plastic container for 48 hours. Afterward, he washes the coffee and transfers it to his solar dryer, where it will remain for approximately 10 days until it reaches its ideal humidity level.

As a closing message, Neyver would like to express his gratitude: “Thank you for your interest in my product. All the effort put into the farm is aimed at offering you the best possible coffee.”

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

3 Hectares

Area in Coffee

1.5 Hectares






1,872 MASL

Technical info

June – September

Processing Method


Drying Method

Canopy or solar tent or roof for 10 days.