Raymundo Soriano 


Throughout the years, growing up surrounded by coffee and seeing his parents work as coffee producers, inspired Raymundo Soriano to become a coffee grower himself thirty years ago at Finca Rancho San Jose. In this journey, he has learned that if one works hard and puts lots of efforts into what one wants and dreams, we can all have positive results. Additionally, he has learned the importance of teamwork and joining efforts to achieve bigger things.

Raymundo started involving in the production of specialty coffee since 2019 when he started working with Caravela, mainly because of the love and passion he has for coffee. He considered that he had all what he needed to produce specialty coffee, the passion to invest his time on the process that a good coffee needs. Additionally, he was very interested in receiving better prices for his product and his effort. Since he has been producing specialty coffee, Raymundo can say that his productivity has increased, and he has been able to change practices of the farm to improve the quality.

Raymundo produces coffee with his wife, Antonia Pinacho, and during the harvest, they are helped by the workers that they hire, and Raymundo’s family, his cousin and wife. The workers are in charge of cleaning the farm, doing weeding control and shade control. The other members of the family are in charge of overseeing the workers, making sure that they’re doing a good job, and Raymundo carries our all the post-harvest process.

The production process in Rancho San Jose is very simple and straight-forward but they do it with lots of care and attention to detail. First, they harvest only the ripe cherries and once the cherries arrive to the wet-mill, the coffee is depulped immediately. Raymundo carries out a fermentation on tanks for 48 hours before washing the coffee and carrying it to the drying patios, in which under direct sunlight, the coffee dries for around 5 days.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

0,5 Hectares

Area in Coffee

0,5 Hectares




Santa Maria Ozolotepec




1,683 MASL

Technical info
First Semester: January – April.
Second Semester: February – March.
Processing Method


Drying Method

Patio for 5 days.