Roman Cruz Martínez


Roman Cruz has been producing co­ffee since 2000, but it was never like today. Over the years, he has gained passion and love for this product because twenty years ago, it was just co­ffee, a product that he harvested and sold to intermediaries at a price of just 42 Mexican pesos per kilogram (a little under 1 USD/lb). However, in 2018, he saw the opportunity to start a commercial relationship with Caravela. This relationship has helped Roman improve the quality of his co­ffee and sell it at a much better price. “It has been a real pleasure to work with this company. The PECA Educator travels from very far to my farm to teach us, just like if it was his own farm, and he motivates us to continue improving and become better every day,” says Román.

For Román, Finca El Escondido is special because it reminds him of his father, who years earlier strived in this same place to o­ffer his family a good quality of life through the production of co­ffee. It makes him proud that today, he is following his father’s steps on the same farm, where he is productive and produces excellent quality. Román loves to experiment and try new things on his farm, and this year, he is trying to try on with natural processing with the help of our PECA team. He processes his ferments his coffee for 36 hours and dries it on concrete patios for 5-7 days. Román wants everyone who drinks his coff­ee to know that this co­ffee is produced with love and dedication.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

1 Hectares

Area in Coffee

1 Hectares




San Pedro el Alto




1,668 MASL

Technical info
December – February.
Processing Method


Drying Method

Patio for 5 days.