Ruben Roblero Gonzalez


Finca Las Palmas lines in the Siltepec, nestled in the breathtaking Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountain Rage, and Ruben Roblero is the producer and his wife Rafaela Mendez, and his son Edilcer Roblero Mendez are the producers behind their outstanding coffees!

Ruben shares, “I’ve been into coffee since I was born, and for over 60 years, coffee has been part of my life, yet only two years ago, I started selling my coffee in the specialty coffee market. My father was a coffee producer, and he taught us to work with this crop, and he inherited a piece of land. So, because I liked this crop, I started to buy more land, following my father’s footsteps, to one day inherit my children, so they continue our coffee family legacy as I. It has been two years since I started working with Caravela, a company that has valued my work and our processes, and everything we do at the farm, giving us a better and fair price for our coffee, and thus, improving my income and our livelihood.”

Today, Ruben continues to grow coffee on the first planted coffee trees of old Arabica varieties, Caturra and Bourbon, which for him, are the best for their aromatic profile. The processing of the coffee on the farm focuses on selective harvesting and pulp of the coffee the same day it’s harvested. This process is followed by a 15-hour fermentation and drying of the coffee on cement terraces or patios. 80% of the farm is planted with Bourbon, the remaining with Caturra, Oro Azteca, Costa Rica 95 and Maragogype. In the future, Ruben and his family plan to continue growing coffee and move into other occupations, such as carpentry, which they do in the off-season and is as crucial to the family’s economy as coffee.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

4,5 Hectares

Area in Coffee

4,5 Hectares








1,218 MASL

Technical info

Main: January – March.
Mitaca: December – August.

Processing Method




Drying Method

Patio for 5 days.