Santos Rodrigo Ramirez


Santos Rodriguez started working in coffee after purchasing a farm in Jalapa municipality 11 years ago, but back then his focus was not on quality. 8 years ago, he decided to sell this farm and purchase another in Dipilto municipality in the Las Nubes village, with the hope of producing specialty coffee. Today the farm is named La Esperanza or The Hope

The farm is nestled in a suitable location and has abundant water resources and ideal weather conditions, which favor coffee growing and other crops such as citrus, avocado, casaba, and malanga. Santos feels proud of his land and his decision, as he always wanted to improve the quality of his coffee and eamn higher prices while working with passion and determination on producing a coffee that makes Nicaragua shine.

Over the years, Santos has changed management practices to achieve productivity and good cup quality. He says, “On a personal level, making specialty coffee in my life has developed a desire to get better every day and discover new ways of fermenting or experimenting to make the best coffee” He currently works with three people who help him plan and oversee all farm activities, especially Rene Gomez, his right-hand man.

Santos is also part of the PECA program. “Thanks to Caravela and the PECA technicians, we have learned new methods and ways of working with coffee. They have ensured that our coffee is of good, excellent quality, and we recognize the value of specialty coffee and a fair price. They have helped and guided us in obtaining Rain Forest Certification (RFA). Today, 50% of our total production is sold as specialiy coffee, and we process washed and natural coffees.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

10,539 Hectares

Area in Coffee

10,539 Hectares






Nueva Segovia


1,400 MASL

Technical info

December – April

Processing Method

Washed, Natural.


Guaba, Musaseas, Guapa, Musaseas, Musasea

Drying Method

Beds or strollers or drying  module for 15 days.