Sara Hernandez


Sara is originally from San Fernando in Chalatenango, 75 km from La Palma, where she lives today. Since her childhood, she has been involved with coffee, because in her youth she used to travel to the department of Santa Ana (121 km from San Fernando) to harvest coffee. There she also met her husband, Francisco Chacón, who passed away a few years ago.

After they were married, only Francisco continued to travel to Santa Ana during harvest time. Back then, there was not much of a coffee boom in the city of La Palma, as she recalls. Francisco was extremely interested in growing coffee, and together they decided to grow coffee in La Palma and have their farm. Their journey began 30 years ago, and in the last 5 years, they have specialized in specialty coffee.

Therefore, her farm is a special place for Sara because this is where she earned her living, and it is the legacy of her joint work with her husband. Currently, her daughter and her daughter’s husband help Sara at the farm; they are responsible for the agricultural and administrative activities. Sara says, “I like working with Caravela because they recognize quality and offer fair prices, payment is always on time, and that motivates us as a family to keep working and being active on the farm.”

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

1,4 Hectares

Area in Coffee

1,4 Hectares


El Salvador


La Palma




1,397 MASL

Technical info

December to February

Processing Method

Fully washed. Dry fermentation(no water) for 24 hours in concrete piles.


Guachipilin and Cujes

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried on raised beds