Vicente Rafael Diaz


Many years ago, there was a landslide in the area where Vicente’s farm is located, a massive landslide that became a place known to all the locals, so he decided to call his farm El Derrumbo. Vicente is motivated as a producer by the passion he has for this crop and by the knowledge that his work is internationally recognized and appreciated. He says that coffee has allowed him to reinvest in the farm, expand the plantations and, most importantly, improve his lifestyle and that of his family.

On a daily basis, he oversees all activities and management of the farm and hires members of the community during harvest to pick the coffee. He says, “I have been in the coffee business for 18 years and 5 years ago, I started with specialty coffee. I remember starting out on my own, mainly because I saw my relatives producing commercial-quality coffee. I knew I wanted to do things differently, and I am very proud that I succeeded.”

On the farm, Vicente grows several varieties, including Pacarama, which accounts for 65% of the cultivated area, Pacas 25% and Gesha 10%. He affirms that these varieties are adapted to the region and the microclimate of the farm. Vicente always makes sure that the coffee fruits are picked at optimal ripeness. He doesn’t float the coffee but pulps it the same day it is harvested and uses very little water. He doesn’t use a long fermentation method, as he has found that he gets good results with a dry fermentation (without water) of 12 to 15 hours, depending on the weather. Drying, on the other hand, is done on raised beds in the shade to avoid direct sunlight, and the drying time can last 20 to 25 days. For Vicente, this is important because it means that he guarantees a longer shelf life for his coffee, which he has grown and processed with a lot of effort and pride.

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

3.5 Hectares

Area in Coffee

3.05 Hectares


El Salvador


La Palma




1,376 MASL

Technical info

December – March

Processing Method



Guachipilin, cuje, pino, cujes.

Drying Method

Beds or strollers or drying module for 20 days.