Yamile Muñoz Bravo


In the south of Huila in Colombia, up in the mountains, with a view to the Magdalena River we find the picturesque municipality of San Agustin. A place with an immense cultural heritage due to its indigenous background where you’ll find the Archeological Park covering 116 Hectares and declared World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995. In its rural area, driving through an unpaved road, we meet Yamile Muñoz at her farm Las Juntas. The farm was originally from her grandfather, who started selling, parcel by parcel, to her father until he purchased it all. Yamile grew up in the farm but later in life, looking for better options, left to work in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, but after a while, she missed her home and the countryside, and so decided to go back to her roots. Also, she already had a baby, which she preferred to raise alongside her mother and near to her roots rather than in the big city.

This happened almost seven years ago, and it became the pivotal moment when she decided to start with coffee at her family farm alongside her mom. At first their production was all for commercial grade but after seeing the possibilities of specialty coffee, she and her mother took the decision to switch to specialty two years and a half ago. It has been a challenge because of the hard labor and attention to detail but it has been rewarding bringing a better income and quality of life for them. They have invested in varieties as well as improving infrastructure. Yamile is proud of the new drying station they built which allows them to process more coffee, with the next improvement being a storage space. She has learned and improved the quality thanks to the advice given by the PECA technician.

Yamile would like to tell you “I want to invite you to come to visit our farm and San Agustin. Also, to tell you that this coffee first passes through women hands, and we always strive to do the best work possible for the coffee to be amazing so that you can taste it. We are always thinking of improving, investing in the farm, and making our coffee and San Agustin recognized worldwide.”

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

9 Hectares

Area in Coffee

5,81 Hectares


San Agustín


1,811 MASL

Technical info

First semester: October – December.
Second semester: May – July.

Processing Method



Guamo, Boroquero.

Drying Method

Canopy or solar tent or roof for 15 days.