Yony Roger Cisneros


Finca Las Nubes is located at 1700 MASL in the municipality of Dulce Nombre de María in the Chalatenango region close to the border with Honduras. The farm takes this name after the foggy and dense clouds covering the coffee plantations year-round. Yony Roger is the producer and businessman behind this outstanding farm. He has been growing coffee for 18 years, and over 12 years with a specialty focus. He shares, “it was my dad who left me this legacy and inheritance, so I am giving continuity to what I like and to the family heritage.”

Yony Roger focuses on harvesting only ripe fruits, floating the cherries, and after the pulping process, and the coffee ferments for 12 hours. The honey coffees follow almost the same protocol but no fermentation. After being pulped, it is transferred to shaded raised beds, which take 20 to 30 approximately to dry due to high humidity conditions. However, the patio is used when the raised beds are saturated.

One of the main challenges he faces nowadays is the control of pests and diseases since these are becoming more resistant and harder to control. For the next harvest, he is working on expanding the drying area to increase capacity and improve the quality of future harvest Yony Roger highlights “I hope you, my customers, like my coffee because we are working on it in the best possible way, always improving.”

Farm Varieties
Total Farm Area

40 Hectares

Area in Coffee

40 Hectares


El Salvador


Dulce Nombre de María




1,700 MASL

Technical info

January to April

Processing Method

Fullywashed and fermented for 12 hours on average and honey process.


Cujes, Nacaspilo, and Pine

Drying Method

80 % dried on shaded raised beds and 20 % cement patio.