Rio Verde


Río Verde is one of the very fascinating and impressive regions of the Guerrero state, due to its elevation and its location in the main canyons of the Sierra Madre de Guerrero, in addition to the social structure and lifestyle, governed by uses, customs and environmental activists, make it a unique area, never seen in Mexico.

This community arose from the displacement of a guerrilla family, the Familia Bernardino Adame, led by Lucio Cabañas, a social activist and defender of nature in the Guerrero jungle. This leader fled with his wife to the depths of the jungle to find what is now Río Verde. A region where only the children and ascending families can have the right to the land. People with direct family ties will continue with its traditions. and customs. It means without hunting, logging, burning, and using chemical products to cultivate the land. The community of Río Verde is located 250 kilometers away from the city, nestled in the jungle region of Guerrero. Here, the traditions and customs are 100% focused on the environment conversation, and the local economy depends on coffee.

Farm Varieties



Atoyac de Álvares




1,550 MASL

Technical info

January – March

Processing Method

Natural. 36-hour Anaerobic fermentation in sealed plastic tanks.


Native trees.

Drying Method

Fully sun-dried on raised beds and concrete patios.