San Fermín


Planadas has become in recent years an important agricultural hub mainly regarding coffee produc- tion, becoming one of the top coffee producers of Colombia. This municipality was established in 1932 by the Spanish Jesuit priest Fermin Larrazabal who at the time guided a group of people from Huila and Antioquia to stablish a settlement in a plateau near the river Atá, which now a day where Planadas is located. Due to his name, Fermin, and in relation to the world-famous San Fermin festivi- ties in Pamplona (Spain) is that this brand gets its name. Both Fermin Larrazabal and the festivities embody aspects which describe the producers from this area: audacity, courage, joy, and together- ness. This region suffered heavily from the internal conflict of Colombia and the guerrilla groups, but even though with this situation the coffee farmers of the area kept pushing forward and with resilience were able to keep producing amazing quality coffee. After the peace sign agreement of 2016, it helped bring some tranquility to Planadas and became an inflection point where the produc- tion of coffee increased. This municipality is surrounded by mountains of the central cordillera of Colombia and full of creeks and rivers that go down to the Atá River, having great nutritious soils for the production of coffee.

Caravela has been purchasing coffee in the area in direct relationship with producers since 2007, and in 2013 the brand San Fermin was born with initially 30 producers contributing to it.

“San Fermin is coffee with pronounced citric acidity, sweetness of panela, chocolate and red fruit notes, with a medium body and balanced after taste.”

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

3,5 Hectares


1,400 – 2,100 MASL

Technical info

First semester: April – August
Second semester: October – January

Processing Method



Guamo, Cedar and Cambulos.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on parabolic covered patios and raised beds.