Sierra Mágica


The Sierra Mágica is in the north of the state of Puebla, an area of magical places, diverse wild flora and fauna, and impressive natural beauty. The city of Zapotitlán de Méndez is in the heart of the mountains. This unique town is the most important one in the state, and it hosts two cultures: Toto- nac and Nahuatl, separated by the Zempoala River. This river is dreamlike because its slopes are in the same mountain range; it has waterfalls that come from the highest canyon peaks, and the water flows throughout the area, so it is a vital water resource.

Zapotitlán de Méndez is located on the route of a series of beautiful towns that cross the Sierra Norte: Pahuatlan, Zacatlán, Zongosotla and Ignacio Zaragoza. Many years ago, a Totonac group’s displacement led to this town’s foundation due to territorial problems and overpopulation. They moved along the banks of the Zempoala River, looking for a plan that would allow them to differen- tiate themselves from others. Thus, they arrived at a small place that seemed suitable for them to settle, without knowing that it was a Nahuatl territory.

In the Sierra Norte, where the coffee of Sierra Mágica grows nowadays, sugar cane, bananas, and avocados are grown for local consumption, and ornamental plants are grown in greenhouses for sale. Its soil is volcanic and rich in minerals.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

1 to 6 Hectares




Zapotitlán de Méndez




1.500 – 1.850 MASL

Technical info

January to March

Processing Method



Ingas, Cedars, Oaks, Pines and Liquidambar.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on concrete patios and raised-beds