Sierra Mixteca

70 producers small-scale producers with a 1.5 hectare average farm size from Oaxaca.

The Sierra Mixteca is the mountain range that can be found between the states of Oaxaca and Puebla. It is also known the land of the clouds in the Mixtec language. This mountain range, geologically speaking is one of the oldest regions in Mexico and the ancient volcanic activity has left scars in the form deep canyons and river beds that are seen today.

The Mixteca civilization was one of the most brilliant cultures in Mesoamerica and many of its traditions can still be seen in today’s society, in the traditional clothing, foods and music. After the Zapoteca people abandoned Monte Alban, the famous archeological site near Oaxaca city, the Mixtecas took over the land as a spiritual site for rituals and burials.

In the highlands that make up Sierra Mixteca region, there are hundreds of small-scale coffee growers, descendants of the Mixteca tribe and with farm sizes of no more than 2-3 hectares. These farmers are dedicated and committed to producing coffee for a living, but many of them also produce honey and fruits to diversify their offering.

This coffee has notes of yellow fruits, caramel, brown sugar, sweet lemon, uchuva, with a creamy body and bright acidity.

Farm Varieties



Santa Maria Yucuhiti




1,500 – 1,800 MASL

Technical info

December – March

Processing Method

Washed coffee and fermented for 1214 hours.


Native trees.

Drying Method

African drying beds and concrete patios.