The department of Nariño is famous for its outstanding mountains, which cover most of its area. The soil, climatic conditions, and more are ideal for agriculture and have been paramount in producing quality coffee. This is due to the presence of volcanoes, which surround the region with volcanic soil rich in nutrients. One of the main volcanoes is Galeras, which overlooks Pasto, the capital of Nariño. A part of the volcano also extends into the municipality of Consacá. Galeras plays an important role in the life of this region and is often referred to as Taita. This term comes from the indigenous communities of Nariño, such as the Quillacingas, and references a spiritual leader and guide within a community who always seeks the well-being of all. Taita Galeras serves as that figure for all the communities in the surrounding areas and is regarded as a father figure by the coffee producers of Consacá.

Caravela started working with producers from Consacá in 2016 when one of them had a coffee that placed second in the Cup of Excellence with a score of 92. Since then, Caravela has maintained a good relationship with this producer and expanded its work with more producers in the area. In 2023, a purchasing station was opened in the township of Bomboná, within the municipality of Consacá, to cater to more producers from the area and thus create a representation of their coffee, Taita.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

5 Hectares






1,300 – 2,300 MASL

Technical info

First semester: May – August
Second semester: December – January

Processing Method



Guamo, Plantain, Avocado and some citrus trees.

Drying Method

Sun-dried on parabolic covered patios and covered raised beds.