Tesoros de Zumba

Around 10 small-scale producers, members of the ACRIM Coop

Among the mountainous forests near the border with Peru, you can find a group of small-scale producers who are committed in delivering coffee of the highest quality. They deliver a coffee with a balanced and vivid cup quality. In the canton of Chinchipe, located in the south of the Province of Zamora, is a coffee coop called ACRIM. Zumba is the main city in Chinchipe and it is the main connection point between Ecuador with Peru. This region is considered one of the richest in biodiversity as it is very close to the Amazon Rainforest, famous for its exotic flowers and native birds, here you can find some the most unique species of flora and fauna in the world. Inhabitants in this region work towards protecting the environment as agriculture is their source of main income.

Gold mining is very popular in the region, but many coffee growers have decided to dedicate themselves to coffee production instead, because is better for the environment. Jardin del Inca coffee has been produced for more than 30 years, being the livelihood and the main economic activity for the producers in this region. Farmers here have their coffee trees in fantastic conditions and they also grow an interesting mix of varieties to produce the best coffees in this area. Coffee growers from this community work with ACRIM, which believes “The sustainable progress and development of communities can only be achieved through getting together, working as a team, and respecting the environment.”

Farm Varieties





1,800-2,000 MASL

Technical info

July – December

Processing Method

Fully washed process in micro-mills at each farm and traditionally fermented for 18-24 hours


Native trees, plantain, nogal trees

Drying Method

Fully sun dried on patios or raised beds