Toro de Oro


Coffee used in Toro de Oro is grown on small farms located along the highlands that pass through several provinces of Cajamarca. Most of the cities and town found in the area were founded by Spanish people such as Jaen in the XVIth century by Spanish army captain Diego Palomino or Caja- marca which was founded in the XVIth century but was already a town for the Inca’s. The Spanish at that time where mad about finding gold that they were told by word of mouth and myths that was found in abundance. One of such myths was the Toro de Oro, Golden Bull, which lived high up in the mountains in a lake and left pieces of gold inside the caves. Once some Spanish conquistado- res tried to grab it but were dragged by it to the bottom of the lake, never to be seen again. There are even stories in the XXth century of people working in that area that have seen the shining bull during the night near the lake.

The geographic location of the farms in this region offers favorable conditions to produce coffee thanks to farm’s significant altitude, good soil and great climate. It has important areas such as the Huamantanga Forest, National Sanctuary Tabaconas – Namballe, Chaupe, Cunja and Chinchiquilla Forests, paramos (Andean moors), dry forest of Marañon and mountains that affect positively the coffee farms having the ideal agroclimatic conditions.

“Toro de Oro has a creamy body with flower notes such as jazmin and stone fruits like peach. It has a honey sweetness with a long finish and peach acidity”

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

3 Hectares

San Ignacio and Jaen
1,650 – 2,000 MASL
Technical info
June – October
Processing Method



Aliso, Cedar, Romerillos, Guabas and other native trees.

Drying Method

Solar dryers.