Volcan Grande


Volcán Grande is a coffee-growing community and a group of medium and small-scale growers located in the impressive Datanlí – El Diablo Nature Reserve in the department of Jinotega, home to many coffee-producing communities such as Volcán Grande, as well as Los Milagros, El Salto, La Laguna, Arenales and Palo Blanco. Some farmers behind this blend initially delivered coffee under the La Trampa community group, as we have grown and expanded our reach, the group has welcomed more farmers. Today, the group is known as Volcán Grande, which is the second-highest mountain in the protected area, with an altitude of 4,551 feet. Its name comes from the internal rumbles it has every time there are storms. It’s believed that inside the mountain there is a river from groundwater connecting to the hydrographic basin of the department, which undoubtedly makes it an essential area for the ecosystem.

This department is also a unique region with microclimates perfect for growing specialty coffee. The agroecosystems are rich in exotic animals and forests. Coffee is the primary source of income for producers in the area, but Jinotega is also known for growing other crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, and grains. Local history states that many years ago, many communities developed in the area due to the migration of country dwellers coming from the Caribbean coast in search of better agricultural opportunities. They began the long journey to different communities in Matagalpa and Jinotega. On their journey, they passed through these communities; some stayed fascinated by the beauty and ease of farming in this special place.

This coffee has notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and roasted nuts with low acidity and a balanced body.

Farm Varieties
Average Farm Size

3-30 Hectares






1,100 – 1,400 MASL

Technical info

December to March

Processing Method

Fully washed.


Ingas, Musaceae, Forest trees.

Drying Method

Dried on shaded raised beds at our beneficio in La Concordia.