producers: Marilyn Laucata

One of the main challenges that the coffee industry faces is the lack of generational change, and this happens due to various factors. In our efforts to engage the next generation of coffee growers, we created this limited edition to acknowledge and empower the younger generations who are seeing a bright future in coffee. They bring a new understanding, pursuing innovation and wanting to improve quality as well as seeking for recognition and acknowledgement. Some of these producers come from traditional families and are taking over their parent’s farms continuing the legacy and in other cases, they are buying plots of land to start from scratch. In both cases, it is a joy to be part of their venture and assist them through PECA to continue their journey in this world of specialty coffee as we aim to contribute to the future of coffee growing families.

In Qechua, the native tongue of the Inca’s, the word for young people is Wayna hence the name of this limited edition. This new generation of coffee growers that have begun to open their wings and start to be known. It is a great way of supporting the newer generations and showing that there is a future for a young producer.

Marilyn is a young coffee farmer from the district of Santa Ana in Cusco. Her parents are coffee farmers who have passed on their knowledge and passion for coffee to her. They live on their 4-hectare farm called Agua Dulce, with half of the land dedicated to coffee production. As her parents are getting older, Marilyn has taken charge of the farm and has been striving to produce specialty coffee. It has been a gradual process where she has introduced new ideas and innovations to the farm. She has worked alongside her father to demonstrate how these changes can benefit the farm and improve the family’s income. While Marilyn finds it easy to take steps towards producing high-quality coffee, she understands that it takes time for her father to fully comprehend the long-term impact.

Driven by her eagerness to learn, Marilyn has attended several workshops on specialty coffee, satisfying her thirst for knowledge. The pursuit of high-quality coffee has transformed her mindset, making her more organized and detail-oriented. Marilyn takes great pride in her healthy coffee trees, but her main challenge is to increase their number. In the short term, she aims to enhance the farm’s infrastructure, particularly the wet mill and dryers, to improve the quality and eciency of the coffee processing.

Farm Varieties

La Convencion




2,024 MASL

Technical info

May to September

Processing Method

Fully Washed