A group of small-scale producers based from the Disctric of Yanatile

Santa Teresa is one of the ten districts in the Convención Province in the Cusco Region of Peru. This district is located just 6.5 km northeast of Machu Picchu, which has resulted in this region having great access. Located close by are also several other important archaeological sites. Surrounded by history, magic, and breathtaking views is the very small town of Yanatile in Santa Teresa. It is home to a group of small-scale coffee growers who produce amazing coffee. Coffee growers from the district of Yanatile are located along the valleys of the Yanatile River, which starts in the highlands of Cuzco and flows out towards the eastern flank of the mountain range into the steamy jungle below. The river is a great asset to all the producers who grow coffee in this this region.

Not long ago, this group of coffee growers started producing specialty coffee. They wanted a new challenge and one that would help them receive better incomes. The specialty coffee grown in this region is the result of the commitment and effort of the producers to improve their quality as well as the support they receive from the community at large.

Farm Varieties

La Convención




1,890 – 1,950 MASL

Technical info

July – October

Processing Method

Fully washed with anaerobic fermentation for 22-28 hours


Native trees

Drying Method

Dried on parabolic covered patios and raised beds.